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A Brief and Completely True History of the Catholic Church


Dullest. Tossed-off. Piece. Ever.
*YAWN* Copy-Pasta is getting kinda stale.…
Nice to see acouple of folks here in support of the Catholic church.
In a rational world, the late pope would have been hung for crimes
against humanity decades ago.

He used his position to threaten the most impoverished, superstitious,
uneducated people in the most overcrowded countries of the world with
eternal damnation for practicing birth control.

If I believed the human construct of hell, I would hope he's there now,
in a very crowded, disease infested slum, watching the millions of
unwanted children starve before him.

Good riddance.
Despite its crimes, the Roman Church -- which is, clearly, the oldest whore-cum-procurer that's still working our streets -- bequeathed to us the idea of the University. Shame your author, little Lindy, didn't avail herself of that institution before taking on the Church. With enemies like her, who needs friends?
i already read this a couple weeks ago. lame
it's a different publication. when you write something hilarious and it also happens to be hilariously true, why not post it to several forums and enlighten as many people as possible..
Blah,blah,blah blah.Dont let yourrrrr sonnnnn...go down on meeeeee.Get a rope.
Hey, speaking of worst poops ever, this feature was a doozy.
I grabbed the Mercury to read this article. It sounded like it would be pretty interesting. Especially as I am what you would call a recovered Catholic turned atheist.

I can say that this article was total garbage. Did she spend more than five minutes working on this full page piece of crap. The writing was just plain dumb. How much do you pay Lindy West, hopefully not much more than part time Burger King. She needs to go back there and do a job that is closer to her capabilities. In a town with so many talented writers the Mercury could be so much better.
Lindy West, nice work. You story showed a certain Liz Lemonish temerity that registered just enough sophomoric presentation to truly reflect what the Catholic Church is all about. "You look like a goddamn warrior princess." True, indeed.

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