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One Hack's True Tale of Game Show Success


Just watched it, way to go, Denis!
Check out Denis - Livin' the Dream! Congratulations sir, well played.
Uhh, say, you gotta couple bucks I can borrow?

I still think you paid them off for the Final question.
This is fabulous. Great job!
I don't get KATU (I know, I know). Can someone at the Merc set up a last-minute meetup at a bar to watch it?
Lingua Franca? Why didn't I beat you up when I had the chance?
That's awesome! Way to go, Denee!
Did you go back to defend yourself yet? CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

I advise you not allow them to pay you in Imperial Credits!

Don't fall for Alex Trebek's French-Canadian Jedi Mind Tricks.
Nice Job, man.

I thought of Cliff Claven the very second that "TV Theme Songs" came up. (I also guessed "Cheers" -- which in retrospect was stupid since Cheers is from '82, but who watches football?) You did the ONLY sensible thing. Much congratulations -- it is one of my few real goals in life to one day win that game, at least once. I don't even know you, but I was very happy for you.
Bless your heart for the Cliff Claven reference. And man, I never realized how much faster my time on the treadmill goes when I watch Jeopardy!
Great story, and good luck!
Excellent - it took me about 4 hours to be able to get this read at work. But I loved it!
Nice job, Denis!

Suck it, Matt Davis! How many Jeopardies have YOU won?
First off, CONGRATS! How many people don't even win one game, right?
Ohhh but I bet you are gonna get a bunch of shit, especially here in PDX, for missing a final question having to do with solar panels on the White House...
I liked Mr. Trebek with the moustache better.
Well played, Denis. I watch every night, so we saw you win and lose. I suspected the solar panel prez was Carter. I was on Jeopardy in 1987 when the values were half what they are now. I had a $3K lead in double Jeopardy, then the returning champ kicked my ass with categories she liked (furniture, classical music). She was a classical music DJ. I got just under half her total ($9200 to $4200). I bet it all on 19th century America and got it right to end up with $8400. She missed it but of course bet zero. I'm still miserable about the blown opportunity.

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