"AMBIVALENCE" is not a good word to describe how we feel about our pets. We love them dearly, protect them fiercely, and often sacrifice our own (usually financial) well-being for theirs. If anything, "extreme" is more apt a term for our attachments. In honor of the tightness of our bonds, we explored some of the more extreme paths pet ownership can take, from the pros and cons of adopting wildlife creatures, to a guide on what to do if your pet has a medical emergency. We also went beyond food, water, and poop-scooping to look at next-level pet projects like creating photo stories from your cat's perspective and polishing up your canine (or horse) massage tactics. We also spoke to someone with an extreme animal job working as part of the Humane Society's rescue team, and coughed up a pretty extreme rant about Portland's propensity for pets as trends.

But something was missing... X-treme sports! To celebrate the new issue, the Mercury is hosting our first-ever wiener dog race, Wiener Takes All! Please join us for a just-for-fun day of 30-meter sprints and beer. It's free to attend and cheer on the wieners, and the registration fee for your own racer (we're not breed snobs; mixes and sundry wiener-like mutts are welcome) will go to benefit Oregon Dachshund Rescue, Inc.!

Lucky Labrador Brewing, 915 SE Hawthorne, Sunday Aug 24, 1 pm, FREE ($12-15 per race contestant), portlandmercury.com/wiener

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