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After a Very Dry Winter, are Hotter Temperatures and a Drought in Portland's Near Future?


Oh, I thought we were talking about that great Style Council song.
Water use has decreased because it's the most expensive utility bill. Period.
Ge ready for a mass influx of climate change refugees from more drought ridden areas to the south. California's drought is reaching Biblical proportions.
Thank you for printing the article about the impending years of drought ahead of us. It is possibly the most important issue facing us here in the west. Though you only touched on the issues of food security, and neighbors looking out for each other, I'm glad you ended it on this note.Ā 

We need to stop looking to government to fix things for us, and start coming up with our own solutions. A good place to start is by talking to neighbors about raising food cooperatively. There are also plenty of local groups focused on edible gardens/landscapes, and Permaculture.

George Monacelli

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Thanks for writing about this issue. We all need to be talking about this. It's going to take more than just looking after each other. We need to all drastically move away from fossil fuel use. I fish a lot. It's fantastic to be able to fish for salmon in Oregon while enjoying the beautiful outdoors, and bring some of that catch home to feed your family with a very healthy food. But all the fishermen are talking about river levels and about how they are drastically low this year and about how water temperatures are extremely warm. Fisherman follow water levels and water temperatures very, very closely, on a daily basis. We know something is seriously wrong. Current forecasts say we're going to lose all our salmon fishing in 35 years. Salmon will move north to Washington and Alaska and not be available in Oregon. We need to do something right now. Everyone should register to vote and everyone should vote every election and only vote for those people who are going to move us away from fossil fuels and drop our CO2 emission levels.

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