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Hey, new cyclist! Avoid these roads at all costs.


Might as well add Hawthorne, 39th, MLK and Division to the list (to say nothing of the West side cycling death traps).
Yeah, I see people riding on Hawthorne all the time, like out past where the bike lane ends, past Ladd's, and it's totally stupid. Two skinny lanes packed with cars and buses with cars parked along the curb all the way up and bikers are wobbling their way up this death trap. There's a safe street for biking (what is it, Salmon St?) two blocks over people! Come on!
I agree for sure that MLK/Grand and Cesar E Chavez are not for bikes; especially because now there's streetcar rails along much of the MLK/Grand length.
And even though they mentioned Powell here, they seem to have left out the Ross Island Bridge portion of Hwy 26. I've seen people try to use lane control to go over the bridge; just don't do it! It's already practically a death trap for cars, as it takes naught more than one good sneeze to veer into opposing lanes of traffic speeding at 50 mph!
Lombard east of wall. Don't be a doucher and jam down killingsworth or Alberta either. And if you are coming up Willamette from the Johns, watch out for all the he asshats who jog in the bike lane.
Portland sucks
Stay off 82nd. Sure. But it's not the eastern gateway to bikelandia. That is I-205. The stretch between 82nd and I-205 is as pleasant to ride as anywhere else in the city. 205 has an excellent bikeway that connects the northern and southern ends of the outer eastside remarkably well. Tons of nice res streets, and don't forget 92nd, which is another underrated and pleasant ride.

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