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Exploring the Effects, and What We Can Do About It

Ana Benaroya


But let me guess ... it's ok to breast feed in public :p
Happy to see that the crow in the illustration is pooping on one of the harassers.
Makes me nervous to be friendly to lady strangers knowing it could be perceived in a negative way, but I always err on the side of caution. I rather they feel comfortable than me feel validated fire being kind.
^ yes, Joel. Please pat yourself on the back, clearly you are "one of the good ones"

Minding your own business should be everyone's default mode when on the street or in a moving vehicle.
I agree with the article.
I just hope that the negative aspects of female relationships with men will be met with equal measure at some time in the future.
Oh wait, that doesn't happen, right?
Because women are made from sugar and spice and everything nice.
"Men's Rights" advocates out in full force already. Hey guys, I hear they're having a sale on Mountain Dew and Hot Pockets at Plaid Pantry - put on a fresh pair of sweatpants, crawl out of your parents' basement and get on it!
You don't have to guess, dipshit. Feeding your child does not equal stroking your cock in public.

"Minding your business should be your default mode" vs "the best ways to cut down on street harassment is for witnesses to step up, and speak up for those being harassed"

lived in NYC and was surprised by the number of people who would say hello as you passed them on the sidewalk, of course that was 2003. Don't let it stop you from being friendly, people who don't want to be aren't going to be. You just have to let the scowly faces go on by.
What do you propose to do about it?
It's hard to believe that there's no mention of mental illness in the article. The times I have been the witness to (and once "material for") public fapping it's been overwhelmingly evident that the perp in question was at the very least mentally ill, and usually homeless to boot. Thus it's quite surprising to see the simple desire for punishment of a crime rather than treatment of the cause, especially in the context of a publication that usually falls over itself to be compassionate towards the displaced and deranged. Do you truly think that anyone who's leading a healthy and well adjusted life also jerks off on their MAX commute for fun?

And while it's no doubt less common, if you've ever seen a lady masturbate on public transit, the mechanics are different but the result is no less disturbing, and the same causes still likely apply.
To the people who are saying they just try to be courteous or friendly to young women out in public and that's why they talk to them.. Are you also talking to men in public? If not, that is unwanted attention. A couple times a week when I walk to or from work someone says something as I pass by ranging from "good morning" to "girl, take me home with you". My boyfriend never gets a single thing said to him and that's where the issue lies.
I think you guys (helped)caught a perv. Nice work.
Personally, I say gut the fucker.
When a douchie bitch says " smile" I wanna punch them in the fucking face..

It's a crime murder isn't legal
As some definitely do not deserve the breath they are taking

Before some other stupid cock responds.. yes I enjoy Men, their penis, and have no retarded children

More than half the population shouldn't exist anyway (male, or female)

Fucking mouth breathers

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