DEAR EDITOR: I have rarely given the text of your paper a passing glance, using it only to stay informed about music events. I have often been disappointed with the hipster cynic attitude I have seen from your writers regarding political activists and "hippies." As a Pacific Green Party candidate, I have many friends who are hippies--and they don't smell too bad to me.

But ever since the 9-11 attacks, I have been pleasantly surprised to find that your paper is the only one which seems to cut through all the flag-waving, "Osama bad, America good" bullshit.

I for one have always wondered what the hell American troops are doing in the Middle East in the first place. When you act like a gangbanger, selling guns and drugs to thugs around the world, eventually you're gonna get a drive-by. Thanks for the excellent coverage.

Lisa Melyan


DEAR WM.™ STEVEN HUMPHREY: I just want to tell you my opinion about your article "Sieg Heil, Kermit" [I Love Television™, March 16, in which Humphrey calls all Germans "goose-stepping Aryan rat bastards"]. I'm from Germany and I think you have many prejudices, and your way of thinking about other countries, especially Germany, is a little bit racist. You have to forget the past, the Nazis and the Second World War. On the one hand I think your reproaches are right, but not generally. Maybe there are still people who think like that, but those are basically older people and pensioners. So I think you should write more objective and moderate columns.

Anonymous from Germany


DEAR MR. HUMPHREY: I read your article about Germans, and I can't understand why you are thinking like that! What has happened to you that you are telling other people things that are so completely wrong? I think you are a racist and as one of these persons you are not better as the Nazis! I hope you think about this and maybe change your mind

Christoph N.


DEAR MR. HUMPHREY: I think what u write about the "fawking" Germans is really stupid. I mean, I'm German and I'm not racist. It's bad to write an article about people u don't know. Be it a joke or not, it's too much. What kind of joke is it when people hate each other because of those texts. You also shouldn't write such things because you're not British. And one thing: we "KRAUTS" aren't as bad as you make us! Think first and speak next!!!!!! So I hope you will learn!!!

Kamil and Nancy from Germany!!!

The Mercury Responds: To see how much Wm.™ Steven Humphrey has learned from these letters, see I Love Television™.


TO THE EDITOR: I enjoyed the article, but In the "Instant Protest, Just Add War" article [News, Oct 11], you use The Washington Post poll of "94 percent of Americans supported the bombing," which is a ridiculous statistic. The Post is based in D.C. and has a right-wing bias at that. Furthermore, statistics are only as good as who you ask, and where you take the poll. Whether the poll was taken outside the Pentagon, of MSNBC viewers, or white, blue, or red-collared workers makes a difference depending on who you want to convince. Polls are worthless. And just like in the past presidential vote--Money Wins.

One Pissed-Off Big Bird


DEAR EDITOR: In response to Julianne Shepherd's article, "No More Teachers' Dirty Looks" [Back to School Issue, Sept 27], I have to say that although I admire people that drop out of high school and get their GEDs, I differ from Julianne's opinion about college being just a way to please your parents. I had an amazing experience as an art major at UCLA, where I got to study with such great artists as Chris Burden, and art critics like Ralph Rugoff.

I was a stripper through most of my college years, and I knew many girls who were stripping their way to that degree, many also raising children at the same time! If that is how you fit into societal boundaries and please your parents, I guess Julianne's sheltered middle class opinion is correct. Maybe if Julianne wasn't getting much out of college, it's because her school wasn't challenging enough.

Sharon S.