DEAR EDITOR: You know, I used to be a big fan of 50 Cent, but now I'm like "Fuck that dude." He jacked me, along with a bunch of other saps. I paid full price for his concert, and even rode the Greyhound to Salem. I got there and they wouldn't let me bring in my Walkman, so I tossed it, FOR 50-FUCKIN'-CENT!! 50 did not play one song all the way through and if he did, I couldn't hear the sellout, because the Salem Armory is gay. "How long did he play for?" you ask. 40 minutes. He musta had to go rob someone or go smoke some weed, cause I was outta there at 9:40 pm Salem time.



TO THE EDITOR: While I can appreciate that both Justin Sanders' review of Watching Sex ["Does Porn Matter?" May 8] and Jemilah Magnusson's letter [May 15] were thoughtful and informed, I find they made the same tactical error that plagues most public reactions to my book.

Let us stipulate that you are both way cool and hang out with other sophisticates who share your perspective. But where does that leave your neighbors? Sanders suggests that men's interest in porn needs no defense and Magnusson asserts that feminist opposition to porn is "small and generally irrelevant," but both of these responses miss the bigger point.

The U.S. Attorney General clearly doesn't share your (our) point of view, and I fear that when the Supreme Court hands down its decision in Multnomah County Library et al. v. United States in a month or two, a majority will prove to be equally antagonistic.

I know perfectly well feminism has moved beyond "porn makes evil rapists." I quote such commentators as Linda Williams, Anne McClintock, Lisa Palac, Nancy Friday, Sara Diamond, Alison King, and Ann Snitow in my book alongside Dworkin, MacKinnon, Russell, Barry, and Griffin.

But I suspect if Magnusson were to poll Americans--or even Oregonians outside Portland--on what they believe the feminist perspective on porn is, a majority will say it's harmful and objectifies women (though no one seems to know quite what that means).

I thought the point of writing or feminism, let alone the active, thinking life, was not just to save your own soul but to aid and comfort those of others. Reassuring yourself that you and your buddies know where it's at while condescending to folks who try to speak to the wider world out there isn't going to do society a whole hell of a lot of good in the long run, and may not even be in your own best interests.

David Loftus

Mercury Sidebar! By the way, in the "Does Porn Matter?" article, we misidentified Marilyn Fitterman's affiliation. She is Vice President of Feminists For Free Expression. Sorry!


TO THE EDITOR: I'm writing in response to the letter written by Stephanie McGilvra [Letters, May 15, in which Stephanie chastises Katie Shimer's colorful use of language]. What is wrong with this woman? First she complains that Katie Shimer uses (oh, excuse me, utilizes) words like "sucks" and "dude" and then she hints that Ms. Shimer is unable to come up with a word like "contrived"? As if "contrived" is a really big grown-up word!

I personally want to thank you for using words like "sucks" and "dude." Prohibiting the integration of new words into our already hella-bastardized language will surely stunt its evolution.



TO THE MERCURY: It's about time you bastards got some yarbles! God bless you, Mr. Cassano ["Frank Cassano's Imbecile Parade," May 15]. I cheered aloud upon discovering your triumphant return. To think of the idiots as they writhe in the face of what they cannot understand shall be a pleasure indeed--as if the great burning bird has again risen from the ashes of Jason Josephes, and given us all a taste of the Beulah, nay, of The Garden itself! Keep it up this time, you pusillanimous fucking fuckers. And before I come across as some pretentious asshole: thanks, and keep up the good work.


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