TO THE MERCURY VIA VOICEMAIL—Hi, this is Jason and Camilla. I'm just calling because we're sitting here looking at the Mercury with the National Geographic on the front about the "Devil Dogs" [Halloween Costume Feature, Oct 30]. And we read the first part of the article, but it says "Continued on pg. 530." And then the one right below it, "The Halloween Sluts of Old Town," says, "Continued on pg. 622." And there are a couple other ones. Give us a call or leave us a message to let us know what that means... because we'd like to finish the story, but we can't find it 'cause this Mercury doesn't have 600 pages! I'm just a little confused—I'm not trying to bitch [female voice in the background: "I am!"].


DEAR MERCURY—I read with interest Sarah Mirk's story ["Renting Stinks," News, Oct 30] about a mom and pop slumlord that refused to make needed repairs. There is also a large nonprofit landlord downtown, Central City Concern [CCC], with 23 buildings and 400 workers, which seems to be treating low-income tenants in an equally shoddy manner. One source notes that Central City promotes their for-profit pest control services in their company newsletter, but that's because that business center (the "biggest profit center at CCC") is "too expensive" for CCC to hire it to spray CCC buildings, CCC has "outsourced spraying" to an "outside vendor." Perhaps the nonprofit CCC board of directors needs to start spending a week at a time in some of CCC's buildings to personally hunt down and kill bugs themselves, in order to get Central City to become a responsible landlord.

   Lew Church, Coordinator, PSU Progressive Student Union


DEAR PINBALL WIZARD ["Pin-balling," I, Anonymous, Oct 30]: When I first saw you walking up to the pinball machine we were beneath, I was cursing your existence. I wondered if I should tell the girl, whose screams went unnoticed in the wailing sounds of Guitar Hero karaoke. I cupped her mouth and told her the news. "Pull up your pants and walk out all nonchalant," I told her, and we both started laughing. So when we walked out and saw the shock and confusion on your face, I had to casually add, "There's a party goin' on down there." I didn't say it because we were embarrassed. I really believe there is a party wherever you make it. But then again, I am one of those annoying Californians that coincidentally was "pinballin'" beneath a machine bearing the likeness of our Hollywood Governator. I'd like to take this time to thank Portland, and the Pinball Wizard, for encouraging our spontaneous acts of love around your city. If you ever come to San Francisco, the city will definitely welcome you.



DEAR ERIK HENRIKSEN—My, what a busy week of being a pretentious hipster asshole [My! What a Busy Week entry for Star Wars author James Luceno reading, Oct 23]. How do you have the gall to mock Star Wars fans who enjoy expressing their creativity through costuming, while the hipster Mercury staff and its hipster readership's idea of fashion sense is mismatching the ugliest thrift store and "vintage" clothing imaginable? Star Wars geeks save their costumes for special occasions, whereas you can't go outside without a ratty brown cardigan.

Val Lai

CONGRATULATIONS TO VAL for that defense of Star Wars devotees, whose Princess Leia buns and Darth Vader capes far outstrip the vintage cardigans of the hipster elite in every measure of taste. Val triumphs with two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where Star Track and Battleship Galactickor costumes are also welcome!