DEAR MERCURY—Just gotta respond to last week's "prize-winning" letter ["Matters of Life and Death," Letters, April 2]. I can't help but think of the drinker who says, "I drive fine after five pints." As a cyclist with three decades, many thousands of miles, and countless rolled-through stop signs under my shorts, I support the "Idaho Stop" law, fully recognize that the experience of riding a bike is fundamentally different than that of driving a car, but also beg of you all; a soupçon of sense, por favor.

-Michael Wunder


TO THE EDITOR—The allegation that Central City Concern has done nothing about bedbugs that infested a number of rooms at the Biltmore Hotel is false ["Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite," News, April 2]. A comprehensive treatment of the whole building, including free laundry, free disposal of unwanted property, and spraying was done several weeks before this article was written. About four years ago a tenant did fall out of a window. There is absolutely no evidence—no witnesses or police report—that he was pushed out, only unsupported gossip. There were nine police reports filed in 2008. I am told by Portland Police that about 30 would be the average for other buildings of this type.

-Ed Blackburn, Executive Director/ Central City Concern


DEAR MERCURY—Thank you Sarah Mirk for your coverage of House Bill 3274 ["Pot of Gold," News, April 2]. What concerns me about House Bill 3274 is the inequitable treatment of medical marijuana compared to other medicines. A more equitable solution would be a dispensary system. Let's work to find a solution that allows representatives and participants, including producers, of the medical marijuana program to honor the intent of the original voter-passed bill. 

-Paul Oehler


DEAR MERCURY—Why do you hate this Jesus guy so much ["Jesus vs. Bunny... WHO YA GOT?!?" I Love Television, April 9]? I read the one about Jesus vs. bunny and I'm interested to find out what causes so much hatred toward someone who is already passed away?

- J-luycx


SIR—How can you compare a stupid rabbit to the TRUE meaning of Easter: the Resurrection of some of mankind's Lord and savior Jesus Christ ["Jesus vs. Bunny... WHO YA GOT?!?" I Love Television, April 9]?!! The reason why I say some of mankind is because, a lot of people (like you!) make a joke or stupid comment about God when in fact, there is nothing funny about it!!! Now, I am not a preacher or priest or any other religious leader by no means, in fact, I recently became saved in November of last year. And I have been able to survive!! Are you at peace? I suggest you look to God instead of making jokes about it and trust in him!! AMEN!!!!

-Steven Free  


DEAR MERCURY—Quick comment about your lead paragraph in the "School Lunch Crunch" story [News, April 9]. It begins with a reference to being at "a sustainable chili factory." Most industrialized countries outside the US have strict truth-in-advertising laws. Canada released a guide last year to help advertisers and industry comply with the said laws. Here is what they had to say about claiming sustainability: "The concepts involved in sustainability are highly complex and still under study. At this time there are no definitive methods for measuring sustainability or confirming its accomplishment. Therefore, no claim of achieving sustainability shall be made." We all need to work toward sustainability and we need accurate and reliable information to make good decisions.

-Brian C. Setzler, CPA MBA in Sustainable Business

RIGHT YOU ARE, Brian, right you are. Therefore you win the Mercury's letter of the week and with it two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish! where you can reliably, and honestly, find sustenance.