There are big lies and small lies ["BREAKING: Attorney General Releases Findings on Adams Scandal," Blogtown, June 22]. Sam was accused of having sex with a minor, and he denied it. That would have been a big lie, and maybe a recallable lie, if it had been true. But he was telling the truth, as has now been shown. Yes, he went on to tell small lies about having a relationship with Beau [Breedlove] later on. But those aren't the supposed lies that the recall was built on; it was built on the accusation that he'd lied about sex with a minor. Anyone still wanting a recall is doing so either because they oppose his policies or because they're a homophobe.

-Posted by Stu


Not to be a boner about this, but "declined to prosecute" isn't the same as "cleared of all criminal charges," just as a not guilty verdict at trial doesn't necessarily mean that someone is factually innocent ["BREAKING: Attorney General Releases Findings on Adams Scandal," Blogtown, June 22]. I never thought Adams should be prosecuted for this, even if they had had a ton of pre-18 sex; my problem was (and remains) the horrible judgment, the self-righteous and cynical lying, and the coaching of others to lie, and the report doesn't change a thing in that respect.

-Posted by Commenty Colin


DEAR HELEN HILL—["Bad Medicine," Letters, June 18] If there were any justice in the world, the 253,500 women who die every year from cervical cancer would rise up and eat your flesh. We all know that Big Pharma is out to make money and I don't like having to defend them, but I will not let your anti-vaccine/Big Pharma conspiracy pass unaddressed. Yes, we can avoid cervical cancer by not having sex, and yes, there are "harmless" treatments for cervical cancer (I guess a hysterectomy is sort of harmless), but even more harmless is a quick shot in the arm! You might as well have written a letter that says, "I'm so crazy I think Big Pharma is behind every evil in the world and to prove it I want women to suffer and die." You might as well join sides with the wackjobs in the religious right who want every woman who engages in sex to die from a preventable STD and who have been fighting against this vaccine from day one. So, in conclusion, shut your uneducated mouth up and remember that if it weren't for vaccines and modern medicine, in part funded by Big Pharma, you'd probably be dead by now.



TO THE EDITOR—It has often been said that Portland is a passive-aggressive city, and that may well be true. Passive-aggression is characteristic of those people that cannot stick up for themselves despite the sincere wish that they could. These people, simply put, cannot take care of themselves. Are these the type of people we want running loose in this splendid city? No, they are not. Bearing that in mind, please stop printing the submissions of half-formed milquetoast crybabies in your column entitled "I, Anonymous." The purpose of this column is to deliver a message that cannot and should not be delivered in person, or ever spoken about (i.e., the inappropriate use of a roommate's toothbrush, workplace masturbation, accidental pet murders, etc.) and is not simply a message-board for those people who cannot speak up for themselves when that is what the situation demands of them (i.e., annoyed indie-rock noodle-arms.) My point is this: This city is filled with people who cannot, for whatever reason, look after their own interests. If we continue to coddle this gutless demographic, the future of Portland is a bleak one. 

-Calvin B. Langdon

HEAR, HEAR, CALVIN. And as for the rest of you: I, Anonymous submissions (send yours to that contain actual confessions of wrongdoing, accidental or intentional, will always be given preference. Calvin walks with two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish! where you can look the staff in the eye.