DEAR MERCURY—Portland Art Museum's current exhibition, The Allure of the Automobile, sponsored by regional Lexus and BMW dealers, is an affront to the artistic integrity of the gallery's mission, as souped-up automobiles do not and will never constitute fine art, which primarily includes painting and sculpture ["Alluring Automobiles," Visual Art, June 30, regarding PAM's exhibition of early 20th century rare luxury and race automobiles]. In addition, the display is a shameless celebration of car-culture, a component of contemporary society the artistic community should strive to depart from in favor of the promotion and celebration of an alternative and sustainable transportation paradigm in which pedestrian and bicycle traffic are given the utmost priority.

-Mark Abell


DEAR MR. [WM STEVE HUMPHREY—Pertaining to the letter to the editor you chose to print July 7 titled "Not Down With OPP" [Letters, July 7, in which a letter writer expresses doubt regarding gender reassignment surgery as the best course of treatment for Gender Identity Disorder patients], I have a few questions and concerns. Enough trans identified persons and health care professionals have testified to the validity of the disorder and the proper courses of treatment that neither the disorder itself nor the chosen treatments should be up for questioning in any serious debate conducted by lay persons. I wonder if I were to post a comment that being gay is a mental illness treatable with therapy or sissy camps if you would validate my assumptions by printing them, or are we at the point where such rhetoric is easily recognized as bigoted hate fueled verbal diarrhea? As a transman, what have I done to be viewed as a lesser being unworthy of dignity or your trust, and more importantly how may I correct your view of me? 



I find this article very patronizing, negative, and condescending ["Uncanny Valley of the Dolls," Feature, July 7, in which the Mercury visits BlytheCon 2011]. I think you will find you are able to purchase items in relation to ANY hobby. I think golf is a waste of time, yet my stepfather spends thousands of dollars a year on it and a whole lot of time. If a group of people who enjoy the same hobby got together, had a few coffees, had a good chat, and enjoyed each other's company then good on them!

-Posted by eachtotheirown


If you have such a big beef with the PDX police, why don't you join up ["Nothing to Say But Sorry," News, July 7, regarding a Portland police officer's accidental firing of live rounds instead of beanbag rounds at a suspect]? Somebody should definitely investigate and report fuck-ups (especially this one), but your tone and almost obsessive need to report on the failings of police seem to indicate other motives. My impression is police departments do the best with what they can recruit.

-Posted by Tits Mcgee


AAAAARG ["Set Phasers for Learn!" Theater, July 7, in which the Mercury provides a Star Trek primer in advance of Trek in the Park performances]! Ships don't run on dilithium, they run on a matter-antimatter reaction, which the dilithium modulates. It's like saying a fuel cell runs on platinum! No! It runs on HYDROGEN! Is there no end to the betrayals I must suffer at the hands of this benighted species?!?

-Posted by jamdox

WAY TO PUT a fine point on it, jamdox—Spock would approve of your logic. And so we offer you two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch for two at The Peoples' Sandwich of Portland, who shall not betray nor benight you.