Occupy Portland: Please stop ["To Camp or Not to Camp," News, Dec 8, regarding the debate about what the movement's next step should be]. All you're doing is being an expensive nuisance to the community at large. Thanks to the toll you've taken on the city's budget, a few friends of mine who work for Multnomah County may not have jobs next year. Earlier this week, some occupier was interviewed on KATU, claiming that the movement needed "a place where we can continue to organize political action." To me, that sounds like an office. Maybe if you didn't blow your money on T-shirts and the like, you could rent one. Yes, income inequality is increasing and our plutocracy isn't helping. However, your methods are completely useless. You need to evolve or risk becoming even more irrelevant.

-posted by AiWenSen

The current arrangements of this country go something like this: The very wealthy own the vast majority of the wealth, productive capital, much of the housing stock, and the media system. They generally control the political process through a variety of methods so blatantly obvious that I hope not to have to enumerate them. This elite has, in the last 10 years or so, gotten this country embroiled in two foreign wars, stalled any preventative action on carbon emissions, and blown up the entire global economy in a speculative frenzy—throwing hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people into greater desperation. And now, some sort of response is starting, just starting, to develop itself. And we get a parade of internet pundits trotting out tangential complaints and tantrums regarding the tactics of Occupy. The radical left in America is ossified. It needs to stumble around and gain its footing. Many people will continue to try to take parks, because they have nowhere else to sleep—all power to them.

-posted by 503McBee


How in the world can it be possible NOT to drug test cops when there is deadly force involved ["Police Oversight's Too Pricey," Hall Monitor, Dec 8, regarding possible changes to police oversight]? When someone gets shot, the first thing the officers do is state how the person was under the influence. Yet, the reality that there are officers under the influence, which would explain the quick-to-shoot reason, escapes city hall and the [police] union. As long as there are excuses after excuses on why not to monitor police officers like every other industry does, it's the reason those few bad apples in uniform become "narcissistic supermen." Why not? We are telling them that they are above the law, above human decency, and above God. No accountability, which is why those few bad apples will pull the trigger even faster. Why not? They are going to get away with it!

-posted by Marsha Anderson


Great interview with a local hero ["Now I'm in Control," News, Dec 8, a Q&A with homeless filmmaker Leo Rhodes]! Very grateful to Leo Rhodes for his vision and leadership. And thanks to Right 2 Survive, who has been advocating for legal camping and doing creative nonviolent direct action for a long time.

-posted by Anne T


DEAR MERCURY—One thing I don't want invited back in 2012 are five-toed shoes. If I am wearing a pair in five years, please shoot me.


HEY ROBOTFUEL, THANKS for the suggestion for our occasional end-of-year un-invitations. While we agree with you, and vow to carry out your self-imposed death sentence (no, not really), we're trying out something different this year. Not telling, though—it's a surprise. Like from Santa (no, not really). But you still get two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, where shirt and solid-toed shoes are required.