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Geyser its good to know you are still very cynical. A tad over wrought perhaps, but cynical. jamdox, we are not allowed to mention "hipsters" anymore,nor critique them. Did you not get that memo? And yes there was a native Oregonian culture but it did'nt (does'nt) resemble what that IA blog ascribed it to be,sorry.
Justice, welcome to Portland. I wish you the very best on your road to recovery and becoming cancer free.
It's not cynical to say that calling something culturally "authentic" is like trying to nail jello to a wall, nor to find the concept of "traditional" vague and overused. What's cynical is perpetually going around saying, "This used to be better, before these new people came in and ruined it just by changing something that should never have been changed." We like to think of some glorious past that was "the way it was." There's long been an element of cultural pastiche and fashion in every city (why should Portland be any exception?) but it doesn't displace the real.
But I wanted to note that I did apologize in an immediate follow-up post for the tone of the post that's in condensed form above (see the "Plaid Pantry" link in the letter above, anyone who may be interested in this little discussion).
geyser actually I did read your post and I agree for the most part. Portland was most certainly different 25 years ago, but was it "better"? That is a matter of opinion. But jamdox is
'nt wrong, quite a bit of it is those dreaded "H******" people with another cultural fuck. Who is to say it is better or worse? And while we are being cordial, can you or anyone else explain this phenomenon of nature (try riding the #4 or #15 bus sometime)-black hoodie/jacket, dark skinny jeans, numerous crappy tattoos, sullen detached look,usually with earphones, smells like utter ARSE. What the hell is it with people not bathing here? And why the hell do they all look the same...its worse than preppies in the 80's
Can someone please explain to me why so many people in this town, & on this site in particular, are so obsessed with criticizing the way everyone other than themselves chooses to dress, what they eat, what music they listen to, etc. ? One of the great things about Portland is it's diversity of cultures, subcultures & unique individuals who do their own thing. Why tear down people who aren't like you? i mean, dissing someone for having gauged ears is the last thing that i expect to read on Portland's "alternative" rag site. WW exists exactly for those who have such a close-minded world view. It's kind of sad, really. And it makes me long for a Portland that never was.
"i mean, dissing someone for having gauged ears is the last thing that i expect to read on Portland's "alternative" rag site."

Yeah, i thought this was abit particular myself. People also seem to be utterly obsessed with whether someone has bought clothes from Buffalo Exchange. Of course, ALL these so-called put-downs only take place on-line.

I know i've been guilty of some of this same behavior - but at least I'M bullshitting when i do it. Some here seem to take things too seriously.
Well, i don't think that our bullshit persona's need to disappear. But i do think that we, i , should find some balance. Yes? To me, it doesn't matter as much what other humans are or aren't doing. What does matter, what affects me & impacts my world, is what i do, think feel & say. And saying it online, in an anonymous forum, does matter.
i have posted to I,A, Damosa. And what you said about my post really hurt. Like, for real. And it has impacted the way that i have perceived you & hence, interacted with you. It's not exactly RL, but at what point do we begin to take some responsibility for who we are & what we say online? i don't mean losing the anonymous aspect, just...personally, when do we start showing our beautiful sides, rather than our 4chan creep?

well whatever IA you wrote, i was probably out of line when i said what ever it was i said. And for the record, i NEVER creep nor post on 4chan! Waaay too many Stormfags.
Can you at least explain why employed non homeless people don't bathe? It's nasty
Brilliant: adopting a mild homophobic slur to strike a truly mighty blow against the forces of bigotry.
Geyser, to whom are you speaking?
You re: "Stormfags" but its a new term to me.
Get it straight.
A Stormfag is actually a gay member of the Stormfront.
Sheesh. How many times does this need to be explained?
Well with an avatar like that, YOU'D certainly be the one to know, right?
I forgot what I was going to say
Look, a pony!

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