RE: "Overstimulated" [Feature, Oct 4], an overview of design-related events happening across the city.

DEAR MERCURY—Got very excited... "ARCHITECTURE" mentioned on the front cover! I searched... dismay... couldn't find it inside. Did I miss something in my frenetic, adrenalin- enhanced examination of your pages? Or did you miss yet another opportunity to become the first and only voice in the Portland press to engage with this crucial public art?

-Clive R. Knights, Chair of Architecture, PSU


RE: Up & Coming [Oct 4], in which author Wm. Steven Humphrey forsakes his former pop idol Justin Bieber in favor of concert opener Carly Rae Jepsen... and then forsakes her too, for being "popular and old."

GREETINGS, MR. HUMPHREY—I'm writing to express great disgust at your remarks on the Portland Mercury website. In so far as Justin is concerned, I may only state that you simply do not understand. To behold the work of a messenger of God, to see the face of an angel, these are the luminous opportunities available to those who surrender themselves to Justin's sweet, sweet music. I pity your soul.

-Daniel Nickerson


RE: "My, What a Busy Week!" [Oct 4], a recommendation of a screening of Poltergeist containing a point of confusion with its sequel, Poltergeist II.

MERC—Apparently [Courtney Ferguson] also forgot "how awesome" Poltergeist is, as the scrawny scribe seems to remember a "badass tequila worm" appearing in the 1982 flick, when that truly creepy creature crawled up outta Craig T. Nelson's throat in the far-less-awesome Poltergeist II. Since I've done my mother-fuckin' work, I'll now simply state, "This house is clean."

-Kurt Dahlke


RE: "Death Warmed Over" [Feature, Sept 27], detailing some of the expected effects of climate change on the Pacific Northwest and Oregon in particular.

DEAR NATHAN [GILLES]—You're a brave man for presenting such a frank and startling article. I've been aware and involved to one degree or another with climate change issues since the 1980s. It's hard to get people's attention on these issues without sending them into hiding under their beds rather than sending them on to taking meaningful action. We need that balance. I haven't checked the latest on stratospheric ozone depletion, but you might do an article on it. Basically, we need the historic abundance of oxygen-producing plants to feed the stratosphere with oxygen that gets converted to UV-blocking ozone. We need to keep man-made chemicals that deplete ozone from escaping into the stratosphere. Of course, the best way to prevent them from depleting stratospheric ozone is to quit manufacturing them.



RE: "Bloody Buddy" [I, Anonymous, Oct 4], in which the neighbor of chicken-keepers neglects to alert them of the presence of a large raccoon.

There are a surprising number of dipshits 'round these parts that don't understand that raccoons and coyotes actually preceded their urban chicken farm experiment. All fine and dandy if that's what you want to do, but please plan accordingly and don't act shocked if some local wildlife claims one, some, or all of your poultry.

-posted by billyjak


RE: "Swan Drive" [News, Oct 4], regarding stymied efforts to work on the North Portland Greenway, a riverside bikeway north of downtown to Swan Island.

This is not just about some commuters to Swan Island, this is about shaping our city, and extending one of Portland's most successful recreational amenities: a shared path along the river! Greeley is an unpleasant truck route, and would not provide the same quality of connection to Swan Island, and the exciting prospect of a continued river trail up to Cathedral Park.

-posted by Max D

IT IS AN exciting prospect indeed, Max, to think that one could bike for such an idyllic stretch, whether for work or pleasure. Here's hoping for that bright future. In the meanwhile, enjoy two Laurelhurst Theater tickets.