RE: The only topic in the world—FLUORIDE. By the way, if you haven't voted yet, be sure to read our article "The Sanest Arguments Against Fluoride... and Why They're Still Wrong" [Feature, May 1]. It's well researched, smart, reasonable, and best of all, doesn't scream at you.

TO THE EDITOR: The only thing I can think is that your paper just got paid money to print the "vote yes on fluoride" article. You guys are usually right or at least show two sides of the argument. This time, well, you are wrong and the article was shitty.

Emily Silver

DEAR MERCURY: One thing I don't get about this fluoridation debate. Why is it so important that we do it now? When the city budget is being chopped and we're losing firefighters, mental health professionals, crisis workers—even shelter space for human-trafficking victims—we're still swallowing a tax hike for something that is supposed to have an eventual benefit over the course of a lifetime? I mean, dental health is important, yes, but no one brings an assault rifle to a shopping mall because they need a root canal. 


EVERY MAJOR NEWSPAPER in Portland supports fluoridation. Not to mention the Pulitzer Prize winners at the Tampa Bay Times. So that means THEY (along with every major legitimate health organization in the US/world that support fluoridation) are all ignorant... not you? Are you familiar with Occam's razor?

posted by Ginny

TO THE MERCURY: Blind faith, immaturity, and disregard for civil liberties stand out in comments made by your staff about fluoridation. You have more in common with Christian and Islamic fundamentalists than you may have realized.       

Carlos Martin

I DIDN'T EVEN CARE about this topic at first, but after seeing the distortions of science and blatant fear mongering being spewed by the anti-fluoride zealots, I can't wait to cast my vote against them. I have no tolerance for folks who use deceit and fear to get what they want.

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RE: "20 Phrases to Write on Your Anti-Fluoride Sign" [New Column!, May 8], in which we offered suggestions such as "When I'm not drinking PBR, smoking American Spirits, tooting rails of China white, and eating Voodoo Doughnuts, I worry about ingesting poisons like fluoride." Here are some of your suggestions!

"WHY doesn't NEW SEASONS carry organic salt?!?! NO ON FLUORIDE!!!!"

posted by foxiesocks

"BECAUSE Science Is Whatever We Hope and Scream That It Is."

"Because Jenny McCarthy Still Has Concerns."

"Because I Have Seen No Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Peer-Reviewed Studies That Conclusively Prove I Don't Understand How Research Science Works."

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THIS is what happens when you are wrong; you have to make fun of people.

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RE: "The Black Portlanders" [Arts, May 8], a profile of photographer Intisar Abioto and her Tumblr that rejects the notion that "there aren't black people in Portland."

INTISAR HAS A RAD PROJECT and I'm glad it's getting coverage. But isn't it important to acknowledge, even as we acknowledge that a majority of Portland kids have more melanin than the average person, that Portland is actually the whitest major metro area in the country? Because that is still true, and people still frequently refuse to believe that it is.

posted by Michael Anderson



RE: "Needs Grammer" [I, Anonymous, May 8], in which the author bemoans the "dumbassification" of America.

WHOEVER POSTED THIS I, Anonymous needs spanked. I remember my friend's stepdad correcting our grammar when we were about eight years old. And even then, we knew he was an asswipe for thinking grammar correction was good "parenting." Grammar police are about at fun as hemorrhoids.

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CONGRATS TO BLAZERLOVE for winning the Mercury letter of the week and two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater—where most films are more fun than hemorrhoids.