RE: "The John Kitzhaber and Cylvia Hayes Scandal: A Handy Primer" [Blogtown, Feb 13], summarizing the events leading up to the governor's resignation.

Between conflicts of interest and tax evasion, Cylvia is just screwed. But here are the real problematic parts for Kitz (that we know about so far): Telling associates that Hayes is looking for consulting work, and then giving them state jobs shortly after they help find some work for her. Telling state employees to hire the Demos official. Less concrete is simply letting Hayes get away with all this stuff from his home and the gov's office. Hard to argue detachment when you live and work and are engaged to the corrupt individual. The most worrisome part of this to me as an Oregonian is that he likely didn't think that any of this was unethical, much less illegal. We've reached a point where the controlling political party and its insider network has gotten so comfortable that handing out jobs and contracts and money and influence to friends and family no longer sets off their own inner alarm bells.

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RE: "Keep Your Edibles from Becoming Regrettables" [Cannabuzz, Feb 11], advising on how not to "overdose" on ingestible marijuana products.

Eating it is useful for a lot of things. However some of the products up north are unbelievably irresponsible—350mg THC in a (SMALL) brownie. One decent bite and you'd be destroyed for the day. That is way, way too much for basically anyone who isn't on mega-dose therapy.

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RE: "Invisible Mormon Hand" [I, Anonymous, Feb 11], regarding the misplaced harassment of LGBT employees at a Mormon-owned business.

I'm pretty sure most of us work for someone who supports at least one thing we oppose. The question is, is there a time to boycott a business or not? Yes, if it's in the middle of an election cycle or there's an initiative on the ballot, etc. But hating on people for believing differently than you tends to backfire, because a lot of believers think being hated is a sign they're doing the right thing. Let this sink in, activistS: If you harass people for their faith, that tends to reinforce their belief God is on their side, NOT diminish it, because there's a long history of "prophets" being murdered and persecuted for unpopular moral stances. If you really want to change this company, fine, organize a boycott, state your intentions clearly and gather support and—here's a novel idea—try actually talking to a Mormon and seeing if they might have a view on gay rights you didn't think they had. A lot of people once opposed to gay marriage, for example, have changed their minds over the past decade, including the president. Or you can continue to ride by on your Big Wheel and scream at people you've never met.

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RE: "Francine returns... with things you are RIGHT about?!?" [You're RIGHT About That, Feb 11], in which controversial columnist Francine Colman-Gutierrez changes tack and highlights the things you're right about (instead of the things you're wrong about), winning hearts along the way.

Your "Wrong" column photo makes you look like Nora Dunn, whereas your "Right" column photo makes you look like Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry. Will you go out with me?

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And just what the hell is wrong with daschunds [sic], other than their name is hard to spell?

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Mostly right. Damn cute too.

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RE: A spell caster! A spell caster? Look, we don't know.

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