Remember: The Commons never said they’d never brew an IPA. I always thought my favorite brewery in town would resist the call of the strongly-hopped, sticking instead to the incredible farmhouse, gose, and wild-yeast blends they’ve built their name on. In fact, until this year, they were one of very few Oregon breweries who hadn’t made an IPA.

But a few months ago, The Commons made an IPA for the Oregon Beer Awards and it was available on tap at the tasting room for a short time. Now, they’re throwing fans for a double loop: They’ve made another IPA, the “Pay No Attention to This IPA,” AND it’s available in 16-ounce cans—the first non-bottle release for the brewery. It’s a clear, West Coast-style IPA with Vic Secret, Denali, Citra, and Waimea hops, done in collaboration with the upcoming Grains of Wrath, a punk and metal-themed brewery opening in Camas, Washington.

I’m no lover of IPA, but the bright citrus and fruit notes from the hop blend keep it balanced rather than overblown. I have so many feelings about The Commons “selling out,” but I’m glad to say after drinking a couple, they’re mostly positive.—AD

Available at The Commons, 630 SE Belmont; The BeerMongers and NWIPA