An activist doctors' group called the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine plans to launch this ad nationally very soon.

I don't like to defend McDonald's. I don't eat there. I'm afraid of clowns. But does anyone else feel like this ad might actually be kind of "outrageous and misleading," as McDonald's reps have dismissively stated? To see the intimidatingly vegetarian face of the PCRM yourself, check out this PCRM goon/dietitian justifying the ad on MSNBC.

Here's another story MSNBC produced earlier this week, about how only 5% of Americans get any exercise beyond preparing microwave nachos. I can already see the PCRM ad for that: that same sad blonde lady coming home from the morgue to find another family member hanging from the ceiling by a Slim-Jim noose.

That said, I'm not too sure about McDonald's. Sometimes I get the feeling they might be the country's biggest perpetuating factor in an economy that relies on the massive-scale agribusiness exploitation of cheap labor and of the disappearing middle-class American farmer to produce a highly-synthetic and arguably addictive food product that targets children and the poor. But come on, this commercial is just mean.