• Illustration by Corey Thompson
Hey slackers: Set your alarms early Monday morning and put on a pot of coffee. This'll be worth it.

Mayor Sam Adams will playing host for two hours (8 to 10 am) over on right-wing spew station 860 AM, aka KPAM. The station's regular morning host, Bob Miller, will be off, so they rang up city hall to see if the mayor would be interested. And, well, he was.

It's a little bit Gavin Newsom, but in a good way. The mayor's staff has put out a call for questions, topics, ideas for guests, etc., maybe something along the lines of Rudy Giuliani's "Ask the Mayor." They'll also be reading tweets and emails. Hopefully it'll turn out better than this.


But if questions he wants, I can think of a few (some of 'em just to hear him say the answers again):

Why is the latest plan for a drug-free zone downtown better than the last one? What does he think about concerns raised over new police weapons? Does he regret giving the cops such a big contract, now that the police bureau has come asking for a big handout from the general fund? What's happening with the Rose Quarter? Is he committed to funding the city's bike plan? When's the last time he rode his bike to work? Is he running for re-election or not?

What else ya got?