It looks like they grabbed an American Apparel model and gave her a guitar. Let's have some less hot female guitar players on future covers.
@azure - I agree that a spectrum of female guitarists should be seen on these covers, but you need to pump your brakes for a second. From what I've seen, American Apparel models usually wear considerably less clothing than Marnie is here. She can't help that she's attractive and there's absolutely nothing distasteful or questionable about the way she's being presented.
It's Marnie freakin' Stern. She can do whatever the hell she wants on the cover.
Well, I would have hoped "She Shreds" is less likely than the average magazine to favor putting women who look like Marnie Stern on their cover. Especially in the typical "come hither" pose. She doesn't need to toss her hair - she should be pictured playing guitar.
azure, go listen to some Marnie Stern.
@azure I designed the cover. Believe me, we had extensive conversations as a team about how the photo would be perceived, because many of us are sick and tired of male-run guitar magazines objectifying women on their covers. The truth is that Marnie was simultaneously putting on her guitar and posing when the photo was snapped, and that's just how she looked. It was hands down the best quality photo from the shoot, and we decided that there was an important difference between objectifying someone and not being afraid of female sexuality. Marnie is an amazing guitar player who we're celebrating, and yeah, she looks hot. We didn't try to make her look that way, but we're also not going to shy away from it. I totally appreciate where you're coming from, but there's a greater context. I hope you come to the release show-- it's gonna be amazing.
She shreds "favors" badass and talented guitarists.
@Azure - who cares what she looks like or is wearing? I think that comment has gone around the clock and back to 12 on the sexism thing.
At least we can all agree on one thing: "Chronicles of Marnia" is a horrifically bad album title.
The other reason she doesn't look like an American Apparel ad is that she doesn't appear to be fourteen years old, possibly abducted by the photographer, etc.
She is pulling her hair out from under her guitar strap, which is a typical and necessary move for long-haired guitar players when donning their guitar. It's not a "come hither" pose, it's a practical action caught by the camera. I guess this is to say that it might be sexy, but it is not gratuitous.

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