Americas Next Top Model?

Former Trump staffer Stephen K. Bannon is stepping down as executive editor of Breitbart News, multiple media outlets report.

According to the New York Times, Bannon is being pushed out of the grotesque media giant by onetime funder Rebekah Mercer, the heiress of a fortune that bankrolled the rise of the radical right.

Rumors of Bannon's imminent departure have been floating around in recent days, as his comments published in the true-ish book Fire and Fury have dominated the news cycle. To recap: Bannon said a bunch of disparaging stuff about Trump and company to author Michael Wolff, including an explosive claim that Trump Jr's meeting with Russian officials was "treasonous." The president responded by claiming Bannon didn't have much to do with his victory or presidency in the first place, despite all evidence to the contrary, saying his onetime senior advisor "lost his mind." Republicans flocked away from Bannon. Bannon offered a groveling apology to the president. But it wasn't enough. The New Yorker's Jane Mayer reported that his time was coming anyways.

All of this begs the question...