" September the band posted an announcement on their Facebook page announcing their plans to drop the name." and they still have not done it. They are not "formally know as..." since they have not changed their name and continue to tour under this name thus the protest.
Still waiting for Dead Kennedys to change their name to Darn Kardashians.
It's sort of an offensive name--or maybe it's a bit Tet offensive.
...which was also a band name...
What a load of wasted energy. Go help your community instead of chasing outrage butterflies. It's okay to be offended sometimes, you know. It's part of life.
This is beyond stupid. Are they disparaging Vietnam? No.
Joy Division as a band name could not exist today.
LOL White people get LIT when they don't understand why POC are mad. And that's all the time. "I go to Best Baguette all the time, I'm not racist!"
"I use the chopsticks even when there are forks! I understand the struggle!"
Fuckin whites, man.
Then there are idiots like scotty here who turn everything into a racial....
Could be worse, they could've named the band ARVN. Now that would've been really embarrassing.

BTW Scotty Boy, based on the pace your comments are degenerating, I suspect you're next comment will be typed out to spell monosyllabic grunts.

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