Excellent write-up! Rose City Rollers are the best team in an organization comprised of hundreds of leagues around the world - Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, New Zealand, etc. The most derby players per capita are in Finland. WE BEAT THEM ALL! Portlandia, be proud of your women!
Thanks so much to the Mercury for perfectly capturing this awesome achievement. It was a tremendous feat of dedication, skill and teamwork that was breathtaking to witness. And it feels pretty damn good to be the first team to beat Gotham in five years. Yay WOJ and thanks for the help Lobster!
- Rocket Mean, RCR Executive Director
Courtney is dead-on! Thank you for reporting on my favorite sport in a real, honest, and accessible way! My favorite article about RCR so far!
Thank you for this wonderful write up! The Wheels of Justice are an amazing group of talented women that breath, eat and sleep roller derby. This was a long over due win for these great group of ladies. I'm so proud of them and what they accomplished yesterday, today and tomorrow! WOJ to infinity and beyond!
Wheels Of Justice have the best intro EVER. Congratulations to the new world champions!
Can't wait to see more write ups in the Mercury! Congrats to the Rose City, your league did you proud.
Roller Derby is great and I'm super stoked for WOJ...but WTF Mercury is with "finally"??
A big Eff You to you also!

The Portland Thorns in 2013 won the Women's National Soccer League Championships, thank you very much.…
I couldn't be more proud of a sports team. These ladies have trained so incredibly hard and endured adversity all with the unwavering support of the best fans in the sport! That's right fuckers, this IS a SPORT! I watched, yelled and cheered so loud with my friends and finally tears of joy when I knew the Hydra was theirs! Congrats Wheels and RCR! RIP Lobster!


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