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It's called "The Rapey Roster," which certainly gets the point across (and, you know, reminds you you're reading a blog owned by Vice). But what's particularly smart about this critique of the league is that it straight-up lists facts 'n' numbers, which, taken together, provide names, faces, and concrete details to spell out an ongoing narrative of violence. It also quotes directly from the NFL's conduct policy:

According to the NFL's own Personal Conduct Policy, "it is not enough simply to avoid being found guilty of a crime. We are all held to a higher standard and must conduct ourselves in a way that is responsible, promotes the values of the NFL, and is lawful." Therefore, in Broadly's NFL Report, we've included incidents prior to players being drafted into the league, cases in which charges have been dropped, and those concerning a broader range of troubling behaviors toward women, in order to provide readers with all of the information necessary to decide if the NFL is living up to its own, self-imposed higher standards of conduct.

There are 44 players on this shitty, shitty roster. If you are a decent human who cares about football, I suggest you read the entire thing, and not because I'm into shaming people for their hobbies of choice (no one shames me for loving Hillary Clinton OH WAIT THEY TOTALLY DO, but we're really in trouble if we let the Actually Men of the Internet set our gold standard for common decency). That said, I do think that if you care about gender equality and pony up for professional football—even if, like me, you are basically in it for the Superbowl snacks—this is something you should at the very least be paying attention to.

Because the NFL definitely isn't.