Its good to be back!
It's good to be back!

The Portland Thorns smashed the Chicago Red Stars 3-0 on Sunday at Providence Park. This was the first Thorns home match of 2019 after a six away-game stretch on Sunday. A TRIUMPHANT RETURN INDEED!

The last time Portland played Chicago was on April 20 in Chicago and both teams had full squads. Boy, was that a different match! That one ended as a 4-4 draw. The Thorns knew they were up against a tough team for their home opener with both squads entering the match with 11 points and seated next to each other in the standings.

A perfect day for a WIN!
A perfect day for a WIN! Photo credit Portland Thorns FC

Here’s a quick reminder for those fans that tune in and out of the soccer world. IT'S FINE, YOU ARE SAFE HERE. The Woman’s World Cup is kicking off this week in France. HOLY BERETS AND BICYCLES BUILT FOR TWO—THE USA COULD WIN IT ALL! The other side of that shiny optimistic coin reminds us that nine of Portland’s most highly acclaimed players are gone and gearing up with their prospective national teams. NINE? Neuf? Nueve? Beheratzi? Yes—NINE!

And, luckily, the Red Stars have a heaping helping of their stars gone, too. On Sunday, fans basically got to watch two totally different teams play. It was riveting to check out these young pros battling to prove themselves to each other and to the crowd. So many new faces, styles, and options from each bench! A WHOLE NEW CAST OF BADASSES!

Sunday’s version of the Thorns showed us two TOP GUNS ready and raring to make things happen. Midge Purce, while slated as a midfielder, did most of her work at the top of the field, in twin formation with recently acquired Simone Charley. These two were CONSTANT blurs of energy and eagerness. TOTAL FRUITION was accomplished in the 27th minute with a slappy-happy-toe-touching-taffy first goal of the game/ first home goal of 2019/ first goal in the newly renovated Providence Park. Charley pushed it to Purce who put it away... you can’t get this kind of new synergy just anywhere! GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!

The second goal fell in line in a similar, but slightly more calculated fashion in the 31st minute when Charley received the ball inside the box, shuffled, scooted, and somehow moved it to Purce AGAIN and Purce put it away! LAWDY! SOUNDS LIKE CHICAGO HAS A DIFFERENT FIRE TO WORRY ABOUT NOW! #bringwater

The second half showed Chicago with some midfield adjustments that kept the Thorns' defense busy. But while the Thorns did not dominate as they did in the first half, they still managed to grab another goal! And this time from a national team replacement player who was signed only TEN DAYS before this game. This was Marissa Everett’s second appearance with the Thorns. She had subbed into the match only seven minutes before she scored her first NWSL goal! I CANNOT FOLD A FITTED SHEET IN THAT AMOUNT OF TIME.

Check out the goal that galvanized the Thorns win on Sunday from Klingenberg assist to Everett's goal.

Sunday had it all for Thorns fans. Our first home match in a newly renovated and highly anticipated stadium did not disappoint. Here's my list of highlights:

The WEATHER was perfect—like a McD.L.T.—and the east side of the stadium was HOT SIDE HOT AND COOKIN' IN THE SUN while the west side worked their light jacket game. The Rose City Riveters sang their faces off, and there was the lovely sulfur sting of red smoke following the three goals.

The newly renovated stadium was ROCKIN' with 19k plus fans and new sections of the stadium open for biznass! Things were pretty much the same in the press box and in the 13-21 parts of the stadium. No fancy Japanese toilets or Harry Potter train station portals or tiny horse petting stations —YET!

The crowd was BLISSED OUT, like they were falling in love with the Thorns for the first time. We entered that stadium as strangers and left as lovers (not really but, you know, it was a great time and there was beer, so it was pretty nice).

I left Providence park happier than I walked in. Despite the shit lines for beer and disgruntled concessions staff, IT WAS PERFECT.

The World Cup kicks off this Friday and the league will take a break so we can focus our energy on that until June 15. The Thorns will travel to North Carolina to take on the Courage on that date. BARF. You can watch that match on Yahoo Sports.

I’ll be watching the US Women take on Thailand in their first World Cup match on Tuesday, June 11 at noon our time and I highly recommend you do the same! SKIP LUNCH AND LIGHT YOUR HAIR ON FIRE WITH WORLD CUP ACTION!

Please make a plan now to join us for our next home game on Friday, June 21 against the Utah Royals! Tickets here!