Wait so the TA's courageous stance consists of temporarily witholding smoke bombs?

Wtf??? Stick up for your members, TA. If you keep buying tickets while these three are locked out, that means you've caved.


They apparently don’t know what it takes to change the minds of owners. When you hurt their wallets they listen up. You do this by not buying tickets. Plain and simple. They would soon come around.


Tickets were purchased months ago, people.


Sooo... You're saying that standing up to fascism is important, sure, but if you've already paid for the tickets, it'd be a shame for them to go to waste?


Stop being daft. Your point was that they should hurt ownership by not buying tickets. That ship sailed long ago - last August, 2018 to be precise. I know most people are currently refusing to buy concessions at the match, which is how they can impact the pocketbook here and now. And lack of support IS getting to Paulson - he chewed out a number of fans and blamed them for the Seattle loss, which of course is laughable. But the tension is real, and Paulson is feeling the impacts.


It is you, sir, being daft.

What the point is, is that the TA are like a codependent spouse: unhappy, ignored and disrespected, but they're not going anywhere no matter how bad it gets. Merritt knows it and they know it.

Even the Mercury's sad pathetic coverage keeps implying that Paulson really really wants to be a cool guy --he's FORCED by the league to crack down. The comments you reference make it clear that this theory's a sad fantasy, but hope springs eternal!

The TA can change him! Sure, that's it!

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