Friends! In a real dickhead, conflict-of-interest move, I'm going to invite you to attend a theatrical event I'm currently in, Road House: The Play! Here's why you should come:

1) It is a staged production of Patrick Swayze's brilliant cult film Road House, which should be viewed by everyone on the planet in one form or another.
2) This particular staged version is particularly HILARIOUS—and stars some of Portland's funniest people, including members of The Liberators, Sean McGrath, Courtenay Hameister, Michael Fetters, Fatboy Roberts and more! (Note that I did not include myself in this list of Portland's funniest people. It's that funny, ya'll!)
3) I have a small—BUT EXTREMELY CRITICAL—role. So even if I suck, everything else is great.
4) Our previous run of Road House: The Play! sold out lickety-split. And this is the last time we're doing it, I bet, which makes it YOUR LAST CHANCE TO SEE IT.
5) Did I say it was really funny? Well, it is. Ask the Blogtownies who caught it the first time around, if you don't believe me.

Road House: The Play!
is running this Thursday through Saturday, and next Friday and Saturday at the Someday Lounge and every performance starts at 7:30 pm. SO GET YOUR TICKETS, NOW, HERE!! What? You need more info? LOOK HERE!