A few things friends: These plays are still going on. They are really fucking good. And they are most definitely worth your time and money.

This weekend I had the chance to catch up and see parts two and three (The Brothers Size and Marcus, Or the Secret of Sweet) of Tarell Alvin McCraney's sweeping american epic and as I predicted, they didn't disappoint. McCraney's words are so well matched with Victor Mack's direction and the cast's talent, I found it hard to picture these plays being done in any other capacity. Portland Playhouse's treatment is that good. The plays feel like they were meant to be performed by these actors and in Portland Playhouse's theater.

I have several other gushing proclamations regarding the quality of this trilogy, but I should probably spare you and leave it with a simple recommendation: go see these plays. They are great. All three are playing concurrently at Portland Playhouse until May 13th.