LOOK. I would not bother you with this if I didn't think it was 100 percent worth it. But facts are facts: You need a fun holiday show to attend that's hilarious and won't make you blow your brains out. That's why I'm giving away TWO TICKETS to this Saturday night's performance of Rudolph: On Stage (starring Portland's funniest sketch comedians, and MEEEEE)!

In case you weren't a child growing up in America, Rudolph: On Stage is a theatrical adaptation of the classic Rankin/Bass creepy wooden puppet holiday special, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, which tells the story of a reindeer who's marginalized because of his glowing nose, and his elf friend who wants to be a dentist. (METAPHOR ALERT!!) Anyway, instead of using creepy puppets, Bad Reputation Productions—fine makers of Roadhouse: The Play, and Lost Boys: Live—are doing it with verrrry funny humans, including Portland's best improvisers The Liberators. It's jam-crammed full of nostalgia and modern comedic stuff, it co-stars me as the Burl Ives Snowman character and the reviews are very glowing. (Hey, just like Rudolph's nose!)

But guys! This thing sells out super quick, and only runs from this Friday to Dec 20 at the CoHo Theater. SO GET YOUR TICKETS (AND MORE INFO) NOW AND HERE. Or if you feel super lucky, try to win a pair of tickets to this Saturday's performance (Nov 29 at 8 pm). Don't forget, if you tweet or Facebook this contest you get extra entries! Deadline is noon tomorrow! (Also "Abominable Snow Monster.")


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