Of course the city’s only vegan donut shop sells out constantly.

What’s better is they’re good enough to merit the lines—no matter your dietary preferences.

Born of two bakers, one of whom is a longtime vegan and the other is not, Doe Donuts is bringing East Portland some of that artisanal love, with a cute li’l shop in a former Pizza Hut just off Southeast 82nd.

From the adorable doe ringed in flowers that serves as a mascot to the bright pops of frosting-based color, it’s a cheerful morning pick-me-up, especially if you arrive early enough to have your pick of the day’s batches.

Donuts are $2.75-$4 each, and come from a standing menu along with several rotating seasonal specials, each guaranteed to be elaborate, decadent, and nearly all made without animal byproducts.

The signature Golden Child is a coco-fueled dream, with a chocolate raised donut slathered in chocolate ganache, with brownie, chocolate shavings, and chocolate chips. Golden pearls are added at the end for extra extra-ness. A seasonal rhubarb strawberry fritter is a bright pop of pink, with chunks of strawberry and a satisfyingly rich dough. Only the s’mores donut was a bit off, with the marshmallow fluff sandwiched between two halves of a chocolate donut coming off more like a cream and making the dough seem just a little too soft, though the mini mallows on top are toasted with care.