Am I Patriotic?

As patriotic fervor sweeps the nation in the wake of last month's tragedy, Americans have come together to boost the economy through the acquisition of vast numbers of tiny red, white, and blue ribbon lapel pins. This guerilla economic relief effort has extended to all variety of Old Glory products, from T-shirts to American flag cocktail toothpicks. While this flag resurgence has certainly been a boon to the market, it has left many Americans (without lapel pins) feeling anxious and insecure. Are Americans with lapel pins more patriotic than those without? What is patriotism? Can it be purchased and hung in a yard? Most importantly, when the time comes, will you be able to tell a REAL American from an IMPOSTER? Take this simple true/false quiz and find out if you're as American as you think your friends think you are. Good luck!

T F I wear a red, white, and blue ribbon label pin.
T F I fly an American flag on my front porch.
T F I have a flag tied to the antenna of my Dodge Durango.
T F I have an American flag screen saver.
T F I have a patriotic slogan that I've cut out of a newspaper taped in a window of my home.
T F I've signed up to get CNN email updates of breaking news.
T F I bought a Tommy Hilfiger shirt, just for the flag stitched on the neck tag.
T F I am more likely to patronize a business with a flag taped in the window than one without a flag.
T F I don't mind the added several minutes of singing at sporting events.
T F I have an American flag tattoo.
T F This Halloween I'm dressing up as George W. Bush, without any irony whatsoever.
T F I pledge allegiance to the flag.
T F I have an American flag patch on the butt of my Levi 501 jeans.
T F I give blood.
T F I can name the Fifth Amendment.
T F I admit, when traveling, that I am an American.
T F I voted in the last election.
T F I believe that exhibiting symbols and slogans pales in comparison to working everyday on behalf of equality and liberty for all people.

Give yourself one point for every question for which you answered "true" and 30 extra points if you answered "true" to the last question. Did you get 33 points or higher? Congratulations, you might be a patriot. Want to find out for sure? Move to Texas.