Jul 15, 2010 at 4:00 am

Food Carts Go Pod Wild in Portland's Eastside


There's also one a little further out on 102 and Se Washington, across from Mall 205. Just saying, this article is great, but Portland extends a little bit further East than 43rd and maybe a little better research would have made for a more complete article.

I've covered that pod before. In the last Travels in Tacoville, in fact. http://www.portlandmercury.com/portland/tr…

Unfortunately I only have so much space to work with, but I would have loved to include it.
@jbruner97: You are a dick. Just saying!

Also, because of where you live, you don't matter. (Also because you are a dick.)
Commentary Colon please dont tell me your a staffer?You dont'matter either.Too often you show how small of a dick you are.You shouldnt be paid for this stuff...just saying,tiny.
As one who lived very very close to the original Hawthorne 'pod' from well before it's inception throughout it's first couple years, I feel obliged to point out that the pod did not develop around the potato cart. The potato cart did bring in big crowds, but it was the 5th or 6th cart in that lot. The first cart in that lot was El Brasero, and it's still there. Then there was 3 or 4 carts/trailers which are no longer with us at that location -- including a terrific soup trailer, 1 or 2 southern/BBQ carts, a simple sandwich cart -- whose proprietor used to set up a nice little campfire from about 1am to 3am (until I saw her receiving a talking-to from some fire dept folks). Oh, and for a long time, there was a cart w/ lots of radical anarchist graffiti which served pasta. I think they left just recently. So anyway, the scene was established -- firmly established -- before the Potato Champion (or the crepe cart, etc.) arrived.
^ omigod, everyothercarthadcartopiaonvinylwaybeforepotatochampion!
While the carts are fun and add flavor to the hood, I find a disturbing trend: They're starting to cost as much as, or even more, than regular sit-down restaurants offering the same or better fare. I used to cart because it was uber-cheap. A lot of the newer carts are so expensive I've quit going because I can get an actual seat out of the rain/hot sun/eating in front of everyone walking by for the same price.

Don't abandon those that gave you your start carts! Don't fall into the trap of commercialization and hip-sterism.
Thanks Commenty Colin - coming from you, I'll take the compliment. Loser.

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