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GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND!  Here's hoping the air quality is better for you that it was this weekend... though if anyone can explain to me why my entire neighborhood has an AQ number between 108 and 122 (unhealthy for sensitive groups), but my particular block is only a low 42 (barely in the moderate zone), feel free to email and educate me! Now allow me to educate YOU with some NEWS.


• Another Portland cop pulled in a sweet, unscheduled payday: Police Captain James Crooker is expected to receive $84,000 from the city following a laundry list of complaints, but in a nutshell, he claims he was passed over for promotion on various occasions because he complained to higher-ups about various slights. (Makes me wish I worked for the city where I could get a whopping raise every time my complaints were ignored.) Anyhoo, our Alex Zielinski has the details.

• Thanks and a tip o' the hat to Oregon's cooler, wetter weather last night, which helped firefighters get a better handle on wildfires across the state, and improved the poor air quality in certain areas as well. However, heavy smoke is still a big issue for those in central and southeast Oregon, mostly due to the Cedar Creek Fire which still covers an 87,000 acre area.

• Hey, have you seen our terrific new FALL ARTS GUIDE? As you may have heard, Portland's arts groups have come roaring back, and we've got scads of stories about some of the very exciting projects you won't want to miss! SO CHECK IT OUT!

• Following the tragic mass shooting at a Bend grocery store, the city council there is determined to explore avenues on how to restrict firearm owners. Potential ideas include making it illegal to carry a loaded firearm in public, or forcing people to get a permit before purchasing a weapon. 

• The US Department of Health and Human Services announced today they'll help fund Oregon's mental health crisis intervention teams to expand their services—an attempt to take response to such incidents out of the hands of the police... because we all know that when they're involved, things often go from bad to worse to tragic.

• Toot! Toot! All aboard the gossip train! 🚂 It's time for Elinor Jones' THE TRASH REPORT. This week: Trump thinks horses = money, "Hamilton" forgets what "Hamilton" is about, and why is the Queen's death bringing everyone else life? 🤔


• Ukraine's very successful counteroffensive—in which they took back large swaths of Russian occupied territories—has the country celebrating, and officials of both countries wondering if this is a turning point in the war.

• In an effort to rally Americans around a common cause, President Biden issued a challenge for our country to cut cancer fatalities by 50 percent over the next 25 years. Stand by for the InfoWars and Trumpy QAnon cultists to start screaming that cancer is either fake, or that (actually) they love it.

• Trump has asked his Trump-appointed judge for another favor: His lawyers want to block the DOJ from viewing any more of the classified documents Trump stole after leaving the White House, claiming that their client had every right, as a suspected criminal ex-president, to steal them. 

• Bad news for insurrectionists and the Trumps that inspired them: Over the past week, the DOJ has issued 40 (!!) subpoenas in connection to their investigation of the former president's attempts to overturn the 2020 election. 

• Did'ja see this one coming? "Anti-royal protesters are being arrested in the U.K. as the 'Not My King' tag grows."