As you know, the Mercury has continued its annual tradition of publishing YOUR valentines to your shmoopy-woopy... FOR FREE. And so far we've received hundreds of mushy, ooey-gooey, deeply romantic missives of LOVE from all over Portland and beyond. So the question is... DID YOU GET ONE? 

Only one way to find out!  Go to the Mercury's Valentine page here and click on the "Browse/Search Valentines" box. You can scroll through and look for yours, or use our handy-dandy search function. Or just read them all if you're in the mood for a tsunami of hot 'n' heavy ROMANCE!

BUT DON'T FORGET! It's not too late to write a love note of your own! You have until February 17 to submit your Mercury Reader Valentine to that special lover in your life. And ohhhhhh... it's soooooo easy!

• Compose a 150-character love note designed to moisten and/or engorge the nethers of the one (or ones!) you love. (No mean stuff, spam, or gibberish, please!)

• If you like, we'll also send your beloved an email to let them know they've received an online valentine! Just enter their email in the appropriate box. (And while you're expressing your love, if you don't mind, you can help support the Mercury by making a $5 contribution to help keep us going. No pressure, of course. But you DO love us, right?)

• Hit "SUBMIT" and your valentine will pop up in our easily searchable database that's also on this page! 

• Pssst. On a similar topic: Looking for something sexy and fun to do this Valentine's Day season? How about watching the insanely sexy HUMP! Film Fest coming at ya to Revolution Hall starting March 3? Get those tickets here, hot stuff!

So what are you waiting for? Search through or submit your own FREE Mercury Reader Valentines now through February 17—thereby securing the love of your loved-one... FOREVER!