I will never buy a book from Amazon.com while Powell's is still kicking. And then I got this email:

Dear Alison

I am hoping to connect with you to discuss a possible ongoing editorial opportunity for consideration at your newspaper: Amazon.com Book Editors providing pertinent literary stories at no charge. Feature topics could include:
· Author Interviews
· Book Reviews
· Bestseller Lists
· Reading Right- Current top picks from the experts

The folks at Amazon are passionate about literature and continuing the desire to read amongst the public. We recognize that recent staff cuts are resulting in many editorial adjustments, and we would appreciate the chance to work together to provide support as best we can.

Below please find three bios of Amazon’s Book Editors who are available to write the content as needed. If you are interested, I would be delighted to send you some proposed writing samples for your review and input. Moreover, we are open to your editorial suggestions and/or ideas for future stories.

Please let me know as I would love to work together. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

Best regards

Why pay a local book critic to do something Amazon'll do for free?

Wait, Steve, don't answer that...