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A new ghetto - and conveniently right on the MAX line!
"A new ghetto"

Doesn't look very ghetto to me... have you seen what this replaced?
True, but I meant more of a cluster of housing assigned to a specific socio-economic group
I think it's a great idea - there's a lot of urban development going on in that area. Go take a look if you've not been able to do so for awhile! Patton park has had a serious face-lift, which is right next to Trillium Alternative School and the Firehouse Cultural Center. Affordable Housing doesn't mean ghetto!
D -

I'd be inclined to agree with you if this were a massive project like those done in the 60's -- a large tower, isolated from the community.

But this project is modest (yes, 54 units is modest), there is a diversity of housing types (from studios to 3 bedrooms according to the web site), is close to services, neighborhood shops, and is fully integrated into the streetscape.

This is the kind of thing that used to be built in Portland (closer-in) all the time in the early half of the 20th century.

I'd prefer to see a better mix of market-rate and purchasable units, but this really isn't so bad.
True dat.
Considering almost 40% of this town is floating pert-near the poverty level we need 10 times this many housing units being built - and affordable housing is not cheap-rent housing. It doesn't begin touch the needs of the working poor. The real estate market is currently over-saturated with market rate housing.
I was just there this am- if this is ghetto sign me up! Huge windows, lots of storage, walk-in closets and such and the finishings are really great. Much more attractive and better quality then nearby new condos. I was impressed. The views are urban but super cool. I was impressed that they commissioned artwork from local artists that celebrates neighborhood stories. I may have a bias they as they are my new neighbor. I am so glad they are here.
A neighbor who is glad a brand-new 5-story building just got put up in their neighborhood says a lot. Personally, I used to work as an RN. I just got done waiting over three years for disability. For the past three and a half years, I have been living on $240/mo, so getting the disability is a step up for me.
Now that I finally have the disability, I am qualified to get on Section 8's 2-3 YEAR waiting list, that won't even be open for applicationsn until, perhaps, August, according to them. Once I am allowed to apply, THEN I will begin the 2-3 year wait. If I am lucky, it will only be 5 years I spend in my 30-year old leaky travel trailer in my frien'ds driveway (hooked up to electricity only) before I can get my own place.
The reasons, other than it is a brand-spanking new place, that I really like about Patton park, are, it is a no-smoking building, has locked parking, and double front doors that also are locked. That not only will keep the tenants safe, it will also help divert people with ill intentions away from Patton Park. Also, my dr.'s office is only two blocks away, so that is a huge benefit for me. Right now, it takes a 45" bus ride, if the bus is on time, to get to my dr's office, each way. Patton Park, by its very design and nature, in my opinion, will do a lot to help transform the neighborhood into a more family-friendly place to live.
"Assigned to a specific socio-economic group," eh? It's nice to know that racism isn't dead in Portland.

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