A number of people keep dropping these photos of what looks like Banksy art into our Flickr pool. Banksy is a super famous street artist who has been able to hide his (or her... or their) identity for many years while working to change the way people see art. I used to think Banksy was just another "street artist" jerking his own ego off on the walls—but then I saw what he did at the Bristol Museum and realized this person/s is really turning the art world upside down.

Banksy's been working across America this summer to promote the film Exit Through the Gift Shop, so it's possible his/her/its work in Portland is the real deal. However, some of these local pieces have already been seen in other places like New Orleans and the West Bank, so it could just be a nicely done imitation.

What do you think? Do we have real game-changing Banksy art here in Portland, or is it simply a copy cat?




Hat tip to Squid Vicious from our Flickr pool.