Rob Pellicers Sandcastles, on view at Breeze Block
  • Rob Pellicer's "Sandcastles," on view at Breeze Block

Hey guys, tonight's the First Thursday artwalk over on the west side, and you know what that means— a cursory rundown of some art shows that may or may not be awesome, compiled by yours truly. What's that in the distance? Cursory rundown, that's what:

The Pony Club (625 NW Everett St, #105) is hosting Monsterbation, a group show that's all about monsters and jerking it; Fifty24PDX (23 NW 5th Ave) is bringing in local illustrator Martin Ontiveros and Sacramento-based artist Justin Lovato for De Profundis (expect more monsters); Garbageman Astronaut (625 NW Everett St, #107) is putting on their final show, Hypothesis, featuring a "practice in spatial craft" by Matthew Williams, Julie Pointer, and William Rueck; Chambers@916 (916 NW Flanders) presents a video installation created by locally-based "recovering architect" Arcy Douglass, incorporating ever-changing patterns of white circles on a black background in order to "parallel the complexity found in natural systems"; Breeze Block (323 NW 6th) is hosting what sounds like a pretty strong group show, featuring illustrative works by Rob Pellicer (Portland), Zak Alexander (Seattle), Kyle Jorgensen (Portland); Doppler PDX (625 NW Everett St, #109) delves into the rift between experience and perception with a new body of work by Phil Harris (it looks like there will be a number of those old-school virtual reality helmets for gallery goers to view images through); and as Sarah mentioned last week, the ARTCRANK poster show is going down at The Cleaners at Ace Hotel (1022 SW Stark St), featuring bike-inspired works.

Question is, what're you seeing tonight? Tell us in the comments.