A section of Vance Feldmans ForeverScape
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  • A section of Vance Feldman's ForeverScape

Hey guys, if I could have your attention for a quick sec, I'd like to point out a project called ForeverScape by local illustrator Vance Feldman: On September 26, 2009, Feldman put a pen to the first page of his never-ending drawing and "pledged to expand the ForeverScape until death." It's a surreal piece, spanning many landscapes and environments— bringing in everything from a factory manufacturing Buddha statues to colonies of germs spewed from a "McSludgewich" box. Feldman recently hit page 300 of the continuous illustration, and to commemorate the accomplishment The Globe (2045 SE Belmont St) has given its walls to the original pages. The show's up through February 5, and if you don't have time to check out Feldman's work in person, fear not!— you can click on over to the ForeverScape website where everything is documented for your viewing pleasure. (And here's a direct link to the ForeverScape player, if you'd prefer watching all the pages scroll seamlessly into one another.)