A photo from the Xhurchs more conventional Nativity scene in 2010.
  • Eva Schifter
  • A photo from the Xhurch's more conventional Nativity scene in 2010.

The Alien Nativity opens today at the Xhurch, the arts space run by Matthew Henderson in a repurposed church in NE Portland. Basically, it's an ongoing art installation with its basis in the Nativity scenes traditionally mounted during Christmas. Only this time, it's an ALIEN nativity. What this precisely means is anyone's guess. Alien Nativity begins today, Tuesday, December 20 and will be open from 5 to 9 pm each night through December 25. Henderson describes it as "kinda like a Peacock Lane thing where people can just wander through."

BUT! There is more to tell: Tonight at 7 pm will also include a performance by Cloaks and Jason Urick (who's got a new album of his droney, abstract electronic soundscapes called I Love You coming out on Thrill Jockey on January 24).

ALSO! On Friday, December 23, local musician (and scary-talented genius) Bryan Free will perform his composition Earth & You at 7 pm. It's an annual performance of Free's that "develops slowly over 35 minutes using many layered vocals, drum and keyboard synthesizers, and typically some form of live percussion." Sounds indescribable, and a great antidote to conventional Christmas cheer.

The Xhurch, 4550 NE 20th, Tues Dec 20-Sun Dec 25, 5-9 pm