• Always With Honor

(Before you read the contents of this post, please listen to this tune. It will definitely improve the experience.)

Come tomorrow, March 9, the Land Gallery is kicking off a lengthy multimedia exhibition dedicated to Nintendo's beloved Legend of Zelda series.

From the official press release:

Land Gallery is excited to be hosting a truly epic group show this March and April curated by local Portland design stars Jolby and Always With Honor. Itโ€™s a show inspired by the many hours weโ€™ve all collectively dedicated to defeating Ganon and his endless minions. It's the Triforce Tribute.

It is multi-medium show featuring over 30 artists interpretations of what tickled their fancy in the Legend of Zelda catalog. The line-up is a crazy list of amazing designers and artists, over half of which will be in attendance opening night. Opens Friday, March 9th at 6pm at Land Gallery, 3925 N Mississippi Ave, Portland Oregon.

Full details on the event can be found at Land's official website, though more importantly the site also hosts brief previews of the pieces that have been prepared for the show.

Granted, artistic tributes to the land of Hyrule are almost a dime a dozen these days, but the list of artists Land has lined up is very, very solid. Plus, the show both fulfills your recommended monthly allotment of highbrow culture and gives you solid inspiration to replay Ocarina of Time.

That's totally win-win.