There's a local advertising school disguised as "an experiment" housed inside the Wieden + Kennedy building in the Pearl District and they are looking for students. I went to this school and it changed my life (for better or worse?). If you're interested in attending I would have to say, "Save your money, save your time, and use it to do the work you want to do." On the other hand, if you crave creative challenges, need permission to be awesome, and have no fear of selling out, you should try to charm the recruiter's pants off and get in. Plus, while you're in the building you might just land a job at Wieden + Kennedy. (Pro Tip: that's why people go to this school.)

Send something creative to W+K ℅ WK12 by October 20th.

More information might be found on this creepy and confusing website 12 is Everywhere.