I like this funding model, but if the artist is nervous about folk thinking every buck goes to them, can't it just be made clear what the intermediaries cuts are? How much do Patreon and Paypal actually take? Are they happy for that to be advertised next to the pledge button?
London Dave: This isn't like the olden days, fortunately — nor like Apple's 30% cut. The information is easy to find. PayPal charges 2.9% of total amount sent plus $0.30 per transaction. Patreon charges 3% for credit-card processing and 5% for its fee. (See
I love this funding model, and I look forward to the time where it's totally normal for everyone to be sending $20-50 a month to a bunch of different creators.
Funding transphobic people is fun!
To all the down voters, this is the person you're funding.…
Jesus. On the complete fucking spectrum of possible reactions to trans people, with total societal acceptance on one side and murder on the other, where do you think that comic belongs? The world should be so lucky that her comic is the extent of transphobia.

For fuck's sake, she even puts the correct viewpoint in the mouth of a character presented as justifiably pissed, and presents herself as shallow.

That single comic is why Moen should forever after not be supported as an artist? Thanks for trolling with this five-years-old bullshit.
Colin, you're my hero!
Make your decisions as you see fit. But hailing Moen as some kind of amazing sex positive inclusive feminist is pretty fucking misleading.

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