Josephine County Blues

The Southern Oregon County Sued the State Over Cannabis Laws


The one thing the author fails to mention is the "have your cake and eat it too" aspect of the case.

The county asserts that it can selectively ban pot grows based on the fact that ALL pot growing is illegal under federal law. They basically want a judge to selectively enforce federal laws under guidelines set by local county officials.

This is ridiculous. The federal court would either ban all marijuana grows or ban none that were in compliance with state laws. The stench of desperation in Josephine county it palpable.

The reason that voters in Josephine county won't authorize taxes for law enforcement is that LE doesn't really help in a rural county where any help is 30 minutes away. Local communities down here are fine defending themselves and property and it scares the crap out of big brother that citizens can be self reliant and function without constant oversight.