I had this dude as a substitute back in the day. Does he still have a tower made out of old hydrotubes that "broadcasts fun" to the neighborhood?
Barron was an awesome substitute teacher. I had him many times at Grant. He always made class fun, was appealingly bizarre, and showed a video of the mystery hole if class went well. I hope he's still teaching.
One can also play nude croquette there.
AMA, I don't know about broadcasting fun, but he did have a big tube tower. It was green?
Bad call on referring to him as Mr. Barron Mind and The Barron. It's Barron. That's it. (He subbed in the early 90's when I went to school, and a lot of kids got caught forging "Mr. Barron" on the excuse slips!
Never refer to Barron as "Mr. Barron Mind" or "The Barron". It's Barron, and that's it. (And it's legal too.) He subbed at Rex Putnam in the early 90's, and a lot of kids would get caught when they forged their hallpasses with "Mr. Barron" on them.

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