Here's a video tutorial on how to turn Lost Lander's fine new album DRRT into a homemade planetarium. YouTuber (and very chipper person) Abby Williamson demonstrates exactly how to fold the CD package into a triangular shaped box that, with the aid of a flashlight or phone, can throw celestial patterns onto your darkened walls and ceiling. It's actually quite a neat trick, which perhaps can't quite be captured on a YouTube video in all its glory. There are different star patterns that correspond to different songs, but more importantly, you will never, ever need to look at the night sky again.

(Also, suck it, OMSI.)

The long-awaited DRRT was released yesterday, and is available for purchase (either download or the physical copy with planetarium) at Bandcamp. The band plays a record release show at the Doug Fir on Saturday, February 4. Listen to a track below:

End Hits: At last, a Blogtown post that I can tag both "Music" and "Astronomy." My life's work is done.