Hops have reared their piney, floral green heads here and there, but tomorrow, Thursday, September 24, hopheads can finally find a bouquet of fresh-hopped beers on tap at one place: The Civic Taproom and Bottle Shop.

A full dozen fresh-hop beers—beers seasoned with resinous hop cones fresh off the bine, rather than kiln-dried so as to be preserved for the rest of the year—will be featured along with two fresh-hopped ciders. Annual A-listers like Double Mountain’s Killer Red IRA and Killer Green IPA (using Pearl and Simcoe hops, respectively) and Laurelwood’s Workhorse IPA (featuring Nuggets) will be available. So, too, will some sticky stuff we’ve never experienced (because of their newness), namely Wild Ride’s Bine Climber Pale (containing Centennials) and Fat Heads’ IBUsive (made with only the freshest Amarillos).

The rest of the line-up includes: Good Life 150 Hippies (made with Central Oregon’s motley and muttly crew of backyard hops), Pfriem Citra Pale, Rusty Truck Centennial IPA, Terminal Gravity Slick Rock IPA (starring Simcoes), Upright Hour Zero Saison (featuring Fuggles), Everybody's Brewing Head Stash (made with Cascades). The two ciders are Cider Riot! Everybody Pogo (using Estate Golding) and Finn River (also with Cascade)

The Civic Taproom and Bottle Shop, 621 SW 19th, Thurs Sept 24, noon-midnight