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Sounds like [yet] another case of 'white people' problems.
Buying a house -- with a boyfriend??
Damos: speculators driving up the price of houses in affordable neighborhoods is one of the causes of gentrification. So, wrong again.
I'm with anon on this one. Just one of the many reasons I'm sticking to renting.
Sorry Anon, that's just life. It sucks very much sometimes. Perhaps it just wasn't meant to happen. I like to think when one door closes another one opens up; so be attentive.
btw Damosa, I've heard you throw out that same racial comment many times before. I'm sure no one is appreciating those types of racial slurs. Here is the thing. It is most likely that the majority of people posting are going to be white. It isn't something that should matter but if it does matter to you, then you should probably go somewhere else to troll. There are probably plenty of racist blogs you would fit right in with.
Where's the "racial" slur? This simply comes down to a shelter-case throwing a tantrum b/c for once in her middle-class life, she didn't get what she wanted. You're the one having a fit and making this into some "racial" thing.

Anyways, Frankieb has a point - buying a HOUSE with a boyfriend/girlfriend is even dumber than getting their name tattooed on you. And a Hell of alot more expensive. When she and this guy break up afew months from now, she'll thank her lucky stars that she never managed to buy a house with him.
Also, the flipper will throw in the cheapest carpet in "real estate brown", crappiest kitchen cabinets, and whatever tacky light fixtures that can be purchased in a "Contractor Multi-Pak" from Home Depot. The new buyers come in and rip all this stuff back out and take it to the landfill.
She was out-bid. If she offered more she'd have the house. Even if it wasn't all cash.
There are still plenty of fixer-upper houses out there that you could buy.
As in buying a car, you should never fall in love with just one.
Flippers ain't evil.
I would still question the wisdom of buying with a boyfriend though. I would hope you don't have a shared checking acct. Not romantic, but wise.
Anonymous- years ago when my boyfriend and I were house-hunting we were outbid on a house as well, and for months, I was inconsolable. Really crushed. Finally the house we wound up buying came along- and I have no idea what I saw in that first house that I thought was so wonderful. Now I look at that first one and am SO glad we were outbid. Keep putting your energy into looking, and you'll find another house. You'll pour your love and pennies into it and this first disappointment will seem like good fortune in retrospect.
@Damosa "where is the racial slur" how about "Sounds like [yet] another case of 'white people' problems."

If you don't understand that statement is racist then you are as dumb as everyone continuously says you are. I'm not making it into a racial thing, it is a racial thing- that spewed out of your mouth and I am telling you that no one wants to hear that shit. Perhaps you have become so accustomed and desensitized to being a racist that you are completely unconscious of it. Such lack of self-awareness is whole other problem that plagues our society.

Why don't you take a minute to think about what you are saying, inferring, or what your words may imply before you type them and then reflect about what those words say about you as a person....
Racism is the belief that one race is better or above another. What damosa said was not racist. Bigoted? Maybe, but not racist.
Racist with a veil of bigotry... whatever, Damosa is an Asshole. Period... Welcome to the blog iceprez.
That is a very simple definition but racism is much broader than that and includes racial prejudice or discrimination. It is also defined as a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities. This however isn't the first time I've heard him speak down on someone, with race being a defining characteristic of his malcontent; a pattern suggesting that there is indeed some racist beliefs on Damosa's part. I won't justify it or let him off the hook for it either.
"House flipping" was at least partially responsible for the real estate issues Portland land issue, not to mention encouraging yet more Californians to move here. That's my beef with it. As for DamosA, I could give a flying fuck what his views on anything are
@the showstopper - all good points, I've probably given him too much attention and wasted time as it is...
No Conflict, you're just saying it before someone else (me) got the chance. When I read "white people problem" I think it's a poke at someone else for justifying the speaker's departure from engaging in society. Yeah, yeah, bad shit happened and is still happening. And when it does, how we respond says something about us.

Anonymous, it's a house, your dreams about it are what you invested and lost. I'm losing my "dream house"- and all the money, sweat and dreams I put in. I hear you. As people keep telling me- "It's just a house". For me, it was a home, and now it's going to be someone else's, and all that money went I know not where. I'd love to blame some rich white straight male Wall street bastard for sucking the air out of the economy, but actually, all sorts benefit from Wall street...and then I'd just be whining like DamosA.
Apparently, ALOT of people give a flying fuck what my views are. Whether they agree with 'em or not.

But please, don't try and tell me i'm racist for making an observation. Some of you may have been here in Portland your whole lives, so it's not that i really even blame you. I grew up in central GA, bordering AL, sooooo i know what RACISM is.

Calling out some bourgeois sheltered brat b/c she didn't get the house she wanted [right away] is NOT racist. Besides, i've noticed more than afew hipsters making the same observations here before, in an attempt to be "ironic".
I think most of the problems in here sprung out when one really doesn`t understands the terms or the different meaning of the concepts when used in different contexts, but hey, how should I know, am just a magazine stand employee. It`s the inability of someone for not seeing the big picture in clear view. And understand the essential changes in society throughout the decades and all that stuff that College Professors talk about. But how should I know, am just a clerk at a store working behind a stand selling magazines and pastries for minimum wage. - I should get paid just for saying this - Am already in defend when you all call BS on this, so go ahead.
Anon, consider yourself lucky. Buying a house these days is a bad idea. He did you a favor. Don't buy into the "dream" bullshit.

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