Anonymous Sep 29, 2011 at 7:56 pm


My, someone has been busy this morning! Being metaphorically raped, then defending the use of that metaphor, then defending your anti-social nature. Just because it's called "I, Anonymous" doesn't mean people won't know it's the same person posting all this stuff. Those chips on your shoulders look REALLY heavy.
Sheesh, someone sure sounds grouchy.

You can't talk to people, you can't engage people, you can't be forward or friendly or attempt to take the iniciative in any way.

At the same time, everyone is always whinning about how passive-aggressive folks are and how everyone [else] is too much of a wuss to talk to anyone.

I wonder if there's a study on how many Portland residents are on medication - b/c this has got to be the most bi-polar city in the country!
yer a douchebag, but maybe that's punk
HAHAHA! Your as original as AIDS, keep it to yourself.
You have enough 'friends', in the punk rock scene??? We shall see how long that lasts. So why the fuck are you going to school, to fight the system?? Punk out, roll over in a gutter, and then put a new patch on your jacket. Fuckin' Poser. I will push your fuckin face in.
Someone needs a hug...
Here's what i had to learn when i went there ~ Most of the students at PCC are pretty close to highschool age. So, yes, they act like it's an extension of highschool. And yes, it sucks. Don't be a bitch about it, though. What are you? Too cool for school?
@mars: I don`t know if one needs a hug or schooling.

I'm putting this one in the same category as the one from the girl who had a tattoo on her chest, and wanted everyone to stop staring at the tattoo on her chest.
it's unfortunate...I hear some people complain that it's hard to make friends at first in Portland and this Anon is a shining example...
There sure seem to be many simple-minded people in this Mercury space. First, these language Nazis with their desire to negate the semantic range of words and metaphorical representation itself. Now, someone who is so "punk" they can't seem to imagine social identities for themselves outside of whatever narrow definition I'm sure they've come up with for that now meaningless term, "punk." IA is the one who sounds like a high school student and doesn't seem to understand that learning is a social process that requires collaborative engagement among its participants. So, hide behind your one dimensional badge, IA, and miss out on the learning opportunities that await you from developing relationships with your peers at PCC and allow yourself to grow, or avoid them and remain stagnant.
@i'msopunk...i love you. Please create an account so that i can follow what you say & properly stalk you. i am absolutely serious. <3
"...plenty of friends already."

Apparently, IA thinks he's/she's all that. And not to sound sexist, but i'm guessing it was a woman who posted this.
In my experience, peers exchange numbers/emails and are friendly (gasp!) because they want the opportunity to form study groups or ask their classmates questions about the material. This is normal behavior in college (another gasp!). Sorry that you're so stuck-up that you actually think people think you're suuuuper cool and want to be your best friend, I assure you that's not the case. Pull your head out of your ass.
What Wubbles said!
What DamosA said that Wubbles said!
What C_A said that DamosA said that Wubbles said!
What Sookie said that CA said that DamosA said that Wubbles said. INFINITY!
You have unusual hair?

Child please, Manic Panic has been around since the 70's!
your friends probably dont like you all that much. doucher
coming from someone in NC im kinda shocked at how weak Oregon sounds. all i hear about is "hipster's" and "breeders" and all that, etc. It can't be that overfilled with california rejects? am i right???

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